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Transmitting Sound on a Light Beam

Build a sound to light converter.
Assemble a simple circuit which amplifies an audio signal, then feeds it through a high intensity LED.

Hydrogen Production

Build a Hydrogen Generator.
Build a simple device to separate hydrogen from water through electrolysis.

Timer Frequency Control

Build a Timer Circuit.
Build a simple siren to show how resistance and capacitance control a 555 timer.

Lorentz Force

Build a Lorentz Force motor.
Demonstrates Lorentz Force by building a simple motor.

Small Signal Motor Control

Build a light activated motor controller.
Show how to use a CdS photocell to measure intensity of light.

Light Detection

Build a light sensor circuit.
Show how a CdS photocell can be used to control a circuit.

AM Radio Transmission

Build an AM transmitter.
Demonstrate how AM radio waves are produced.

Sound Reproduction

Build a plastic cup speaker.
Show the relationship between electrostatic and magnetic forces.

AM Radio Reception

Build a simple AM reciever.
Teach about AM modulation, tuned circuits, AM detection or demodulation, and audio amplification.


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