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AM Radio Transmission (Page 1 of 2 )  

Procedure Part 1:

First we will construct the transmitter tank coil:

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Step 1:

  • Cut off a 2 inch length from the soda straw.
  • Use hot glue to attach one end of the #33 magnet wire. Leave about 3 inch free to connect to a length of telephone wire later.



Step 2:

  • Snugly wrap 50 turns of #33 wire onto the soda straw.

  • Twist off 3 inches of the #33 wire, and tack to the soda straw with hot glue alongside of the first wire. This is the antenna center tap, wire number 2.


Electronics Experiment Step2


Step 3:

  • Continue wrapping another 50 turns of #33 wire in the same direction as the first.

  • Cut the #33 wire, leaving 3 inches, and tack it to the soda straw with hot glue. This is the antenna wire numbera3.

Electronics Experiment Step 3

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