Transmitting Sound on a Light Beam  

Procedure Part 2:

We will assemble the transmitter circuit on the circuit trainer, hook up it up to an audio source, then use the lense made in Part 1 to transmit and project the light signal.

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Step 1:

  • Study the schematic diagram to determine how the parts are hooked together.
  • Refer to the materials pop up window to see the different components.

Electronics Experiments Procedure


Step 2:

  • Hook up the components on the circuit trainer.
  • Set the power supply to +9V DC.
  • Connect the speaker or earphone output of any audio source between C1 and ground as shown on the schematic diagram

Electronics Experiments Procedure


Step 3:

  • Place the cardboard lens holder from Part 1 near the data transmitter LED (D1), so that the LED just sits inside the cardboard on the opposite end of the lens.
  • Adjust the 10k potentiometer (R5), until the LED lights up with no audio present.
  • Turn on the audio, and adjust the volume and the gain adjustment resistor (R2) until the LED intensity varies with the changes in audio.
  • Aim the lens and trainer towards a wall several feet away. With reduced lighting in the room, a spot of light that clearly varies with the audio should be visible on the wall.
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