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First we will make a rotor coil and hangers.

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Step 1:

  • Make a rectangular coil of #28 magnet wire.
  • It should have 5 to 10 turns and measure approximately by 1.
  • Wrap the ends of the wire around the short sides of the coil. Secure it with about three wraps, and leave the two ends extended in opposite directions.
  • Adjust the coil so that the ends form an axis, around which the coil can freely rotate. Make sure the coil is balanced.


Step 2:

  • Use sand paper to remove the enamel coating from only one edge of each axial wire on the coil.
  • Be sure to remove the enamel from the same edge of both wires.

Electronics Experiments Procedure


Step 3:

  • Strip the plastic jacket from two equal lengths of #28 telephone hook up wire.
  • Bend each wire into a long U shape approximately 1/8" wide.
  • Bend ¼" inch of the bottom of the U shaped wire back onto itself to make a small hanger for the coil axial leads.

Electronics Experiments Procedure

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