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Resource Sites
www.abra-electronics.com Electronic parts, kits and equipment resource catalogue.
www.ba.infn.it/www Physics and math formulas and applets.
dBm/dBw calculator, dB calculator, animated VSWR calculator, low/high pass filter designs and impedance matching applets.
ctl.unc.edu Active learning courseware site for educators.
www.discovercircuits.com Every type of electronic circuit imaginable.
www.educatorscorner.com An excellent educator resource site (requires free membership sign up).
www.eet.com EE Times magazine web page.
www.intelligentagent.com A technical electronic magazine with many articles about phenomena like El Nino.
www.iotech.com The principals and methods of using thermocouples.
All about programmable logic controllers.
www.prenhall.com Electronics Prentice-Hall text books.
www.salary.com Find the salary & Benefits for almost all professions depending on region.
www.scitoys.com Numerous projects in science you can do at home.
sparkmuseum.com History of the development of electricity and electronics. Very good photos of numerous antique electronic devices.
www.techexpo.com Alphabetical listing of most of the technical magazines in the US.
uhaweb.hartford.edu Free EET software.
www.us-cert.gov Government agency in charge of protecting the internet. Gives vulnerability information and security tips.
claymore.engineer.gvsu.edu Free tutorials on: circuits, computer hardware, computer programming, courses, design, engineering, general reference, manufacturing, materials, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and quality control.
www.ibiblio.org Lessons in Electric Circuits Volume I - VI: DC, AC, Semiconductors, Digital, Reference, Experiments.
www.howstuffworks.com This site covers almost any technical subject you can imagine in a simple straight forward way.
www.play-hookey.com Good text and tutorial on: digital logic, logic families, digital experiments, analog, analog experiments, DC theory, AC theory, optics, computers and semiconductors.
www.rfcafe.com Electrical / Electronics Conversions, Formulas & References
www.work-readyelectronics.org Free tutorials on the following topics:Introduction to Electronics, Electronic Circuits, Electronic Careers, Switching Power Supplies, Fourier Theory, Switching Amplifiers, Data Conversion Part 1 and Part 2, Phase-Locked Loops, Alternative Energy, Portable Power Technology, MOSFETs, Wireless Technology, Contemporary Wireless, Programmable Logic Devices (PLD), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Certifications, Systems View of Electronics, Data Acquisition




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